My Sewing Kit

The deceptive phone slams against the far wall
As she falls back against the closest support
Slipping down resting on the floor that knows too much
She pulls her shaking knees in close to her body
As the acid tears seep from her dying eyes
Her heart rests in shards from the brutal call
I approach slowly and bring out my sewing kit
My silent voice pierces the muscle like a cold needle
Using the thread of my words to mend this shattered soul
She begins to tell the delicate story of what happened
I quietly listen as I find the next piece to attach
As the needle slides through she winces
Trying to hide the pain she can't avoid
I reassure her that everything will be alright
The partial heart in my hand twitches
Wanting so badly to beat again
She starts to grow quiet from the lack of life
Blood not quite flowing as it should
I begin to work faster not wanting to lose another soul
Double checking that each piece is positioned correctly
Not wanting to waste time unraveling words misplaced
As I finish sewing on the last piece I tie a knot
Then I set the mended heart back in the empty cavity
All that is left for me was to wait and hope
I set my sewing kit down and take her hand in mine
Watching her motionless body before me
I begin to fear I wasn't quite quick enough
Then I hear it *thump thump* then silence
Again *thump thump* *thump thump*
Her eyes open wide as she steals the air
Knowing she made it through I vansih into the dark
In search of another broken heart in need of mending
Rodel30 Rodel30
18-21, M
Dec 4, 2012