Oil And Water

Screaming darkness,
I’m morbidly attentive to your cries,
Mired in my self-imposed seclusion.
Acquiescent to the ambiance that morphs before my eyes,
I ventured into vexing disillusion.

With a melancholic melody pervasive in the air
Subtly underlying the explicit silence,
I’m cordially sympathetic to our mutual despair
Intertwining in a miserable alliance.

But my ribs shatter underneath your ebony embrace.
I bellow as you claw into my core.
Despondently tantalized by your antagonizing grace
In a dynamic ebb-and-flow of gloom and gore.

Left with the remnant decibels from your sardonic mirth,
I arduously swallow air to stabilize the mood.
With introspection’s agony belatedly unearthed,
Simply living has become a daily feud.
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Dec 5, 2012