Self Murderer

His casting out a darkened shadow
Never knowing warming sorrows
He must be insane
His no longer looking towards tomorrow
The world for him just seems hollow
His brain just won’t behave
She’s cutting lines but not for others
Pretty lines that scream please help her
She must be insane
She’s cutting deep but she’s not suicidal
She’s cutting heaps to feel more normal
She cannot feel no pain
He looks so desperate in the shattered mirror
The puzzle pieces expose his horror
He wants to remove his brain
He can see his gun his mouth it smothers
His finger lingers on the coldish trigger
He pulls it back and there’s a whisper
I must now be sane
She needs to bathe and feel the water
She frees her pain and distorts the water
She now can feel the shame
She splashes around claims some order
Takes a breath and prepares for departure
And as she sinks you can hear her whisper
I must now be sane
There’s a beautiful world they will never see it again
They’ve said goodbye to all there family and friends
Why could they not be saved?
Such a beautiful world but no one lending a hand
Two beautiful people that we will never speak to again
Was it them that was insane?

hedrocks hedrocks
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012