Seamingly Memorable

My mind is an everlasting dream
Clinging to every memory by seams
Stitch by stitch, I sew and sew
How long I cannot tell, time will only know
And yet somehow, A stitch does break
I retrace my steps, trying not to make a mistake
I know what I knew is not what I know anymore
I know that if the stitch leaves this poem, I would recite it no more
Here lies the poetry grave
And a grave for the grave that I never thought to name
And all of the other thoughts I failed to think
And all of those memories I sewed over to the shrink
My mind is an everlasting dream
Torn at every turn, ripping at the seams
Jem12Sabre Jem12Sabre
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2012