Seeing the way things are now, do you wish to turn back and start over? Have you ever looked back and wondered for a moment? For that very moment, have you wondered if everything was for the best? Was it worth it? Any remorse or regret that krept up that cold hearted empty conscience? Have you ever looked back at everything that fell apart before your eyes. At a moment was when everything came crashing down, at that very instant.It was the silence that shattered everything that ever was. It was the negligence that burned what was into the ashes of never again. It was the betrayal that broke all ties ever made. There is no way to forget, no way to turn back time. Back to the very first day until the dreaded final days that killed what was and who we were. Yet, there is no way of getting back. Not even if you plea for simplicity. Nothing is simple not even for the Lives who prospers the most. Looking how things are now, ever wished it turned out different, better even? Now looking at the worst, at this moment, you should have no hard feelings at all. The hard feelings were absent at the time. But now, do they exist?
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