My Secret Lullaby.

Sleep now, little one.
Your day, is just now done.

Rest now, sleepy child.
Hear my voice, soft and mild...

Rest you're head, on soft clouds of white.
I see the moon, i must say goodnight.

Rest now, weary one...
You're day of fun... is now done...

Wake to a new, day, bright and new!
But for now my child, you must now snooze...

(repeat once more, end of lullaby)

I wanted to make a lullaby nearly because i think the world as restless as it is needs a new song. I'm also planning on writing a song, but meh. I want to hear form you all first.
Leave a comment please! And if i feel enough liked it, I'll work on a song!

From; -The one resting his head on the desktop....
PoetwithaPen PoetwithaPen
18-21, M
Dec 6, 2012