(it is a work in progress, totally not my best work by far)

Running your hands over it cannot tell you what it is
Unless you know it by heart.
Spin here and press there
Look through that and flick this.

Adjusting everything like you’re setting up for surgery
It is an art, of course you are.
Click now, saves for later
Focus in or focus out.

Looking through it is like looking at a whole other world
But it is the same world.
Check it now, delete it later
Laugh about it, cry about it.

It is heavy and you do not care as you lift it up to your eye
Your hawk eye.
blink once, scrunch one
Open one, do not blink.

You have to hold still or else it will all fall apart in your hands
Even if you know it by heart.
It is an art
You are a hawk
You are a photographer.
livviebug94 livviebug94
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012