My Dark Friends

I have a few friends who always follow me.

They hear what I can hear,

And they see what I can see.

They can feel my pain

And they use it against me.

Meet my friend Jealousy,

She speaks with a burr

She whispers in my ear,

"Why cant you be like herrr?

You ugly, stupid creature,

You can never become great.

No matter how you try,

All you can do is hate."

Jealousy helps me wish beyond fleeting whims

I want to write like her.

I'm dying to draw like him.

I cry at how I am wanting.

She has helped me to see.

Let me introduce you

To my dear friend Jealousy.

This is Loneliness.

He is gentle and kind.

He comes to me when no one else can come to mind.

I can talk to him.

He lets me take his hand.

He will not betray me.

He says he understands.

He tells me I don’t need them

If they do not want me.

Why don’t they get it?

Why can't they see?

Loneliness is quiet.

He doesn’t make a sound.

He is my companion

When no one is around.

He holds me softly but firmly

So I cannot slip from his hold

He freezes the frigid air

So I no longer feel the cold

My loneliness loves me.

But he hates you.

Please try to ignore him

Or you'll be swallowed too.

My closest friend is Fear

She is always in my mind

I'm afraid of failing

And being left behind.

But Fear never leaves me

She stays loyal by my side

She says my true self might be lost

In my stormy sea of lies.

Fear can see the future

And she tells me what she sees

All the dark facts,

and possibilities

Time goes on and death awaits

For the ones I love

I was standing on a cliff

All it took was a shove.

I fell into the abyss of dark uncertainties

I met Fear there

And now she'll never leave.
Elzalia Elzalia
13-15, F
Dec 7, 2012