So I fell through the black.

Through the light.

And found nothing.

Every direction, not even a corner, there was nothing.

My lungs breathed something less then air.

My eyes saw only clearness without even a horizon.

My hands lashed out for anything.....

For the World.

For the Love.

For the Animals.

For life.

So I opened my eyes.

I saw lovers kissing with something less then love.

I saw the mountains were made with no power at all.

Logic, Philosophy, Religion, Beliefs, Thoughts, Feelings, all lies.

I see that you value nothing.

Even now sleeping haunts me.

For it's just a lie of life.

A poisonous drug to make me find respite within these lies.

When I wake up

I look into the mirror

as the lies of light filter into my eyes

I see a man

A lie

A zombie

The living deadman.

What is pain?



What is it i measure life with?

The lips part and realize this man speaks the word......

a word that shatters my hope.

Frees me from its illusion and lies.

My Heart.

The world doesn't exist.

There is no reality.

No love. 

No god.

No ideal.

Just the truth that says i don't exist.

That i can't be contained in this world.

So when i wake up.

Life is over.

Life is done.

Pain, Love, Lost, Living?

I can't be chained down by the lies.

Thus the pain can't kill me.

The Fear can't phase me.

The tears mean nothing.

For I have no life to lose.
Tarxarin Tarxarin
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

You are loved, friend. I know the feeling all to well. Like Frodo from Lord of The Rings, we carried the ring for just to long. Even though the victory is won we suffered to much, a part of us has left forever on the ship with the elves to another realm behind the sun. Gather up the abyss and summon it forward into your hands and lift it to the heavens and cry and cry and let it be your umbrella. Point it upward to the stars and ask your father, why? <br />
<br />
Some men are born with angel souls, some men are born as slaves, some men are born with a higher calling. The chemistry of your soul is that which gives birth to Gods. Know this Son of Zeus, that the height of our flight when we leave for the cloud is limited to the depth of our suffering while we walk the earth. You must find it in yourself to look past the night. Somehow. Accept your birthright.<br />
<br />
The pain you feel is the call to a Great adventure. One no normal man can bare. Find your spool of yarn, Hero. Lay claim to your winged boots. You needn't travel alone. The Heroes of all time have gone before you. Read there stories, take there advice, learn from there mistakes, and seek what they sought. Learn to knock on the sky and listen to the sound.<br />
<br />
I assure you, the sun can rise again for you. It did for me. Your card is the 10 of Swords but destiny is yours to change. You can alter the alignment of the stars, if you can accept your fathers mantle and take the reigns of his fiery chariot.