Sael Do Quir

staring at something
faulty and feeble
leaving little to cherish
the unachievable

losing to a rhythm
a conforming cadence
once more
in strained temperament
this jagged and broken line
a falling of embers
this chaos of mine

little to do
with reason or rhyme
but still ever relevant
a comfort in time

all I would ask
is silence to the last
a cold consciousness
moving ever so fast

still it is to the last
still it is to be moving
through barren lands
still it is relenting and powerful
consciously in my past
lacking the talent
for a subtle collapse

more of a pull, reckless and wild
faulty and feeble
so little to cherish
something so evil

calling through
to this semblance I find
these falling embers
this listless time
another aforementioned

chaos of mine

Nearth179 Nearth179
Dec 7, 2012