Emotions. These Emotions I have,I have anger in my heart,burning like an everlasting flame. Hate fuels this fire of fury,as it burns and destroys. It singes the softest skin,and burns the prey that it seeks. Fire is hate and fury,it's the destruction of life and causes pain and sorrow anywhere it goes. It murders anything in it's path and kills with no mercy. I have hope in my heart. That hope is like the wings of life,pulling me out of the darkness and pain. It lifts me up,dusts me off,and saves me another day. I grip onto hope for my dear life. It's the only thing that keeps me alive,and out of the fury of fire. Hope brings me a fresh start,a new beginning to have and hold. Hope hugs me tightly and never let's me go. Without hope,I'd be gone,never to return. Hope is life. Hope is forever. I have Love in my heart,a deep Love for you. That's what keeps me breathing what gives me my will to live. The words 'I Love You,' shouldn't be taken for granted,it could be the last time you ever say them. Love is everything. Love is the breath of life. Love is a wonderful thing. I have these emotions because I feel. Not all these emotions are good. But focus on the ones that let you live,that make you happy,and that make you whole. There will always be pain in your life,but where there is pain,there is joy,where there is sorrow,there is happy,where there is death,there is life,and where where there is hate,there is Love. Love is greater than anything. Greater than death. Greater than happiness. Greater than joy. Greater than hope. And greater than Life. Love is Life. Always know that. Without wings,you can't fly,without Love,there is no Life.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
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Thank you. I loved reading this. It was very moving. I could feel the emotion that you put into this while writting.

Your welcome. This is the only thing I'm good at. I put lots of feeling into my writing. It's not just words,it's my life what I feel,what I see,and how I live.

WOW! That was amazing Goldy! your a natural!


Amazing. And very emotional and moving...

Thank you. It's what I have in my heart. But out of all these emotions I have,Love is the greatest and to be cherished forever.

And may that be so forever :)

I hope.

Wow this is awesome :)

Thanks ^^ Just thought of it,then thought of writing here on EP. ^^

Well i love it :)

Thank you. :)

Anytime :)


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