I need you
I need you to know
Why I do the things I do , why I say the things I say
Why.... I'm so afraid
So uncomfortable in my own skin
No matter what I do
I just can't seem to win

I feel as though I sink before I can even begin to swim
The things that used to excite me don't seem to mean a thing

So alive
Yet dead inside
So I sleep
Erasing time


What have you done to me?
You were my everything
My best friend
Now I can't seem to let you go

You took my spirit
You loved me dearly
You kept me lonely
Yet I felt so complete

I became your slave

This feeling still lingers
Me and you
You and me
Between the sheets
Forever dreaming

You bring me down
You keep me high
You bring me up
I hate you so much

You were nothing but lies
Wrapped up beautifully
In sweet disquise

I am much stronger now
You can never win
I've finally let go
No more pain

You still have a hold on me
My tears
Still flow like rain
My mind
You still control
My body
Still knows
My spirit
You stole


I love you
I hate you
All you do is hurt me
I need you

You taste so good
Yet all you do is poison
Why is it that everything I do I just can't let go of you?
You made me feel like I was ONE with the entire universe
Now I can see that all your intentions were perverse
You pulled me up , put me in reverse

I tried to run
You found me
I tried to hide
You were always there
Sweet promises
They mean nothing

Aches and pains
You took them all away
I felt so complete
You made my day

Then all of a sudden
I realized you weren't here anymore
Then came the rain
And it was storming

I feel so lonely
I am not who I used to be

I feel it so much more
I am hurting
You took my body
You stole my soul

I still love you so

I still remember that blissful feeling
I can still feel you
Inside of me

Running through my vein


nadiajen07 nadiajen07
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

well said..