A Dreamer's Epitaph

Drawing strength from the store in his heart,
He's wonderin' what he has left.
The road being long and hard on his soul,
and him walkin' so close with death.

Just a few more miles to his place in the sun,
just a few more hours remain.
He knows the time has finally come
To relinquish all of his pain.

He remembers as he walks along,
alone as he knew he'd be.
Reflecting upon the years gone by.
Seeing it all as a dream.

The miles were long the months more than he knew,
Years that faded away.
Good deeds done and bridges burned,
life lived day to day.

Loves that were true, a smile with thought
of those happier, carefree times.
Hearing those voices from long ago
singing to him in rhymes.

His search for home is finally through,
His 'Eldarado' found.
He will go peacefully, willingly no less,
This lost ship finally aground.

"No regrets", he thinks again,
sitting beneath a tree.
Closing his eyes and finding peace
To dream one final dream.
CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
41-45, M
Dec 8, 2012