Praying For Maddness

Crossing the bridge between this world and gone, I'm wandering madly and sadly alone.
My sanity waivers, my mind slips away 'til the darkness around my soul becomes day.
The Earth spins around while I'm standing still. Forever is never and I know never I will
Again walk beside this beauty I love, for she's gone, I'm alone, she's in heaven above.
My life she made right out of wrong I had done, but I'm bound for hell, now that she's gone.
People stop and at me they stare, as if my maddness like a coat do wear.
Maybe I do, I know not anymore, for my caring has gone with my dear Elanore.
So laugh in my face, you demons from hell. You won this battle, a story to tell.
But if I've done any good by my wife, then the Lord will take my mind from my life.
Then hell can jump up and down on my soul, for my maddness is freedom and I'll never know.
CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
41-45, M
Dec 8, 2012