The Choice

"Come in, come in." Said the spider to the fly.
That story burns patterns of fear in my mind.
So lost and scared this far from my home.
wondering wildly as I wander alone.

'Twas a night so dark and dreary it seemed
That I wandered through shadows, only a dream.
But real it was, to my frightful dismay
It will always remain with me, I'm afraid.

Out of the shadows, so dark and unreal
It arose witb that sinister sword it did wield.
The laughter so evil, my blood ran as ice
I knew if I lived I'd remember this night.

Firey eyes, burning with hate
seared through my soul, no choice but to wait
To see if this monster would, with that sword
Slice me to ribbons, just piles of gore.

The voice so hollow, so spectrally deep
Sounded as thunder when at me did it speak.
"Your worthless life is mine now, you fool.
You've wandered into this world where I rule."

My heart was frozen in time with my fear
I was stuck where I stood, this horror to bear.
This evil had tranced me, nowhere to run
Believing I'd never again see the sun.

It that sword so easy with grace
To bear my soul to a much darker place.
As it swung my direction, I braced for the end
Knowing to hell I soon would descend.

Then I woke with a start, my voice in a scream
My sweat and my tears pouring freely from me.
'Twas only a nightmare, I eased my own mind
As I looked through the shadows, before and behind.

"Nothing is there", to my nerves I did say
No reason to still be so shaky, afraid
when a pair of red eyes, with no body around
burned through my soul, they needed no sound.

As it faded away, back to bell where it came
I realized a warning was sent with my name
To change the path I'd chosen for mine
Before Hell is the closest to Heaven I'll find.
CAnnesdad CAnnesdad
41-45, M
Dec 8, 2012