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Do You Know Her

Do you know what it is like,
to be left without hope?
To be the unloved one,
to be broken ,barren and alone.........
Left with eyes to see,
but she has no dreams
years stretch out their gnarled clammy hands
they grasp around her throat,choking
choking,long is the path ahead.
Left with a voice
unable to share itself
for no-one truly heard
just pretended to c
But they use theirs don't they?
Forked tongues and snarling lips hide
Teeth cut through her very soul..
Do you see her yet?
Left with ears that cannot help but to hear
lies,it's always been lies
Left with hands that will never hold
grasping for love the way lungs grasp for the power of life.
Everything they strive to do has never quite measured up
so she's been told
etched in her mind
Left with a mind thats forever tortured,
memories of the past consume her nightmares of the future

Oh God Oh God she screams
I wanna die and there is no one that really cares
will someone come to me tonight that understands
or will you take me home tonight
She hurts so much,hurt to deep
she's lonely God why can't you see?
Left with a heart,that silently bleeds
Can you drown from whats inside

Left with a body that is now only her own
but once it was held with razor teeth
crushed, bruised, and ripped apart
deemed worthless by all even herself
garbage garbage garbage.
She's left with a soul,for which no one can touch
It's always with her through the broken dreams the broken bones and the bruises
Trapped inside ,but only for a little while longer
until she is deemed fit and then set free
the pain will scrape off and dreams will be
once more the place she longed to be.

If you ever long to see her but don't know where she'll be
take my hand and follow me
I promise it's not very far,just follow me
around that corner please, please, see
Look now..............
in the mirror,
couldn't you see............

emery777 emery777 41-45, F 6 Responses Dec 9, 2012

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It is very expressive of a young girl who has felt much hurt and pain, both physical and emotional..She has been bruised and cut as well as slashed by the world's cruelest creatures and yet has survived.Well written and expressive of pain and hurt. I can feel the sadness the child feels.

Such a powerful poem, and so despairing. I do not know you, but I am sorry for the life events that caused this poem.

There is always someone who will care. the world isn't that small, yet. You have to be diligent, observant, and you will find the person who will treasure you for all of your life.

The bad stuff is easier to believe

pain and age is a enemy to us all you are not garbage to me you are a very talented artist you paint with words on a canvas of a computer screen thank you for sharing even though it is dark and sorrowful I see bright colors in your pain I am glad you took me on this journey with you thank you

Sorrow wonderfully portrayed, I wish and pray the years yet to come have a different story for her. And I know her, she is my good friend. :)