Never Again

A poem written as a friend's perspective on her life

Never again, what did I do?
Why did I hit the voddy?
My head is heavy, my arms are numb
I can't even feel my own body

Never again, what did I drink?
The last drink, I think it was green!
And did I really eat that burger
from a dodgy van, in daylight never seen

Never again, where did I go?
Most of the night is a fuzz
Didn't I have £50 in my bag?
Who was calling me a wuss?

Never again, why did you tease me?
You love it when I get so drunk
I don't understand why you need me so tipsy
Ugh, I smell like a skunk

Never again, this isn't my room,
I don't even know where I am
Having real scary thoughts of some things I did
And you don't even give a damn

Never again, will I trust you
You clearly just don't think of me,
You want me to drink so it makes you feel good
Re-capturing youth, can't you see?

Never again, no seriously, that's it
I'm taking my life back right now,
No more getting drunk, or feeling so ill
No if's, No buts, No how

Never again, will I wake up like this
I'm going right home, I should have stayed
Curled up on the couch, with a glass of white wine
You'll leave me right here, if you care
SophiesSecretRoom SophiesSecretRoom
22-25, F
Dec 9, 2012