I Am Man

I am Man

I am Man
Look at me
I spew out words and do great deeds
I am royal
I am King
Respect me
Kiss my ring

I am Man
I am the anatomy of war
I seek no less
I ask for more

See my big ole' gun?
I feel so alive when on the run
I'm talking to you
Do you hear me son?

I love very few women
I respect none
I stand tall
I am above
I make it known

I am Man
I am king
Respect me
Kiss my ring

I am man
Since day one
I've taken land
Put laws into place
I wrote the scriptures
I am religion

I have sailed sea to shining sea
In a man made vessel
I've had many slaves
To do the work I've thought unfit

I am man
Respect my mind
I am intelligence
I am wit
I'm all knowing
I am wise

I am royal
Purple dress and wand in hand
I am science
Man-made magic
I seek a higher knowledge
To the existence of my being

I know all
I own all
The moon, stars and my planet
The pyramids I built
My eyes are all seeing

I am Man
I am royal
I am king
Kiss my ring
nadiajen07 nadiajen07
26-30, F
4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Very Good Poem. I like it :)

what you described is not a real man, just a poor imitation, but unfortunately, it IS what often passes for a man these days...<br />
<br />
On behalf of my gender, I apologise for all the (probably many) guys like this you have met.

i am man i am all --- all humble

Were you going for suppression of the feminine brain on this? Because both men and woman suppress the feminine side of themselves.

I know that both men and women supress the feminine sides of themselves. I guess this could just be for everyone, after all: MAN / woMAN.... I was just feeling a little bitter towards men in particular the day I wrote this, lol.... Sorry if this poem offended you. I didn't intend for it to offend anybody.

No, I'm not offended at all, I was just curious about what it was you meant exactly, so I asked. I liked it, is it a poem or lyrics to a song?

Just a poem i wrote...