Abnormally Me

Thinking back to who this girl really is many things come to mind. This girl loves to see the smile on the face of others. She loves to take the pain and make it go away Though she isn't perfect, she tries her best to succeed. She struggled like many others, well maybe not so much like them but in her own way. Her days are pretty boring. Until she lives it up. She holds herself to standards that she knows just couldn't be. She used to be her very own enemy. But then one day she realized, Just how great she can be. So she made a promise to herself that day, that no matter what she would be what she was meant to be. She will go to school and prosper, living out her dream. Helping many others be who they dream to be. This girl is really crazy and extremely excited to be.. Abnormally Me.

Hope you all enjoyed this and see me for me,
ymoren21 ymoren21
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012