I feel pain whenever you're away. I feel your loss I feel your hate. I know we are one together we shall forever nd,but you slip through my fingers and slither away,leaving me alone in the darkness. I battle depression everyday,because I miss you,your soft voice,your gleaming smile,your eyes so trusting and loving. I miss all that,and I blame myself. I blame it all on me. It's my fault,all my fault,and all I can do is say sorry. I'm weak,useless,deserve to be unloved forever. I don't deserve to be with you,you deserve someone better. I'm a wreck,a useless wolf. Nothing more than a pathetic coward. We all know I don't deserve to be with you. Not like this. I'm losing you because of me. I'm dying because of me. I'll die alone. Never to loved. No one can save me,I've reached a point where only I can go. I can't look back,can't say a word. I shall die slowly painfully with no one to help. I love you all,and wish you a good bidding and farewell. I'm not me anymore,I've changed drastically. And I'll never be the same again. The pain inflicted on you,should be inflicted on me. You deserve better. You deserve someone who'll be there for you. Always. I deserve no one. Ever. I'm a horrible wolf,can't even control the pack. I'm a nobody and always will be. Tonight,I'll die,not physically but mentally. I know I'll loose myself. I've started to anyway. Leave me be. There's nothing any of you can do. Goodbye. I have discovered that you didn't go away,I did. I lost you. I lost everything. Now I shall loose myself.
Goodbye. Not that I matter anyway. Just Leave Me Be.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

This isnt true Goldy! I love you so much, your my sister, the only true one ill ever have! I know its you! Goldy i can fix things its not your fault, its probably a misunderstanding! You cant think this way! You have me and always will, no matter what you say or do im here, no matter what you deserve and are hereby stuck with me! Nothing you can do can get me to go away! Goldy i learned a lesson the hard way about love and it doesnt have to be the same for you, things can be fixed, but you have to pick up the peices and focus on what you can have if you try! Ill be here for you, ill help at my most! Goldy PLEASE listen, your loved and if i lost you i dont know what id do, id have no purpose in life at all.

I know. I love you too. But this CAN'T be fixed. Oak,I'm slipping. I miss Drake so much,and I just... I don't know what to do anymore. I'm such a wreck right now. He doesn't deserve me. He deserves someone better. I'm just a horrible wolf and a horrible mate. I'll never be the same again. I'm losing myself.... I'm just lost. Don't try to help. Please. I don't want to hurt you too. Goodnight.


You are a terrific mate. you caused none of this and i know for sure it can. Youll never hurt me. Ive reached maximum hurt and im not letting anything affect me anymore. currently the only thing that hurts is seeing you hurt. Your not a horrible wolf. Dont say that. Im only speaking the truth goldy. Ill talk with him, calmly ok. You better be on tomorrow. I will walk to you by foot myself. I understand how you feel but its only toughroad and if you just bear through it something utterly amazing will come and youll be so happy, i know it goldy but if you give up and call yourself terrible and just quit nothing will happen and youll just have this forever. Please. Please listen to me, because im not lieing its 100% truth.

What? Am I going crazy!? 'Cause I am.

But only the best people are crazy. Its a good thing and again if you tough it out all this will be blown from the water and youll have a great life. but promise me, truthfully, that no matter what you will tough it out and try to face things. when you cant just accept things the way they are. i know you better than this. your strong. your amazing, your the best wolf there could ever be, you shouldnt let someone bring you down. hurtiing should be a reason to build yourself up. Your strong, Goldy, i know it, you can go through this, you just have to stop harming yourself like this and get to your feet to face things, im here and ill help you but keep in mmind your actions affect a lot of people. Your amazing goldy your just going through a tough time, but it will pass. just give it time.

We the only thing that truly make me happy is: You here. You know who here. My grandpa being okay. Some chocolate. And no semester tests.

Thank you. I gtg to bed. Night.

ok. goodnight, and ill see you tomorrow. my plan is still in building so your ideas are welcome, plus i need to talk to you more tomorrow. if im not oon i will be on for sure wednesday. :) Love you sis, goodnight.


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