I had a nightmare once again.
Where I got chased down and shot by him.
He's behind cement walls and chain linked fences,
But still his memory mixes up all my senses.
He didn't have to, he could have stopped,
Now because of him, I've done all except popped.
Only a few know about my history with him,
I don't dare speak about it due to ticking off "them."
Whether he's family or not, he should stay in that cell.
Because what I now live through is nothing but hell.
I trusted him, yet he slammed me back down,
And now once again, I'm scared I'll be found.
But it was all just a dream, I can go back to sleep.
I may have forgave, but my dealing must still be real weak.
DoveBreath DoveBreath
26-30, F
Dec 10, 2012