Coldest of my friends
I see you're back again
Slinking through the night
For conquests without fight

Proclaiming to be right
Shrouding color with your white
But I've seen you when you're wrong
When you hang around too long

If we all mind our place
Staying quiet and safe
If we all mind our tongue
Never touching your numb
If we all dare not look
At the promise you took
If we all play your game
We'll be spared most your pain

Perfect victim of all ill
Make us silent – make us still
Blame your actions on the freeze
Forcing weak down to their knees

And so patiently I bide
Knowing time is on my side
See you falling to your fate
See you shrink beneath your weight

If you just have your way
You can ruin my day
If you have to be wrong
You'll drag others along
If you bury us all
We'll remember your call
And remember your pain
And remember your game

Coldest of my friends
I see you're back again
But 'temporary' – know
Will I sit and watch your show

You storm in here this morning
With your pretty flakes of warning
I jump out and celebrate
In the piles of your hate

hlpflwthat hlpflwthat
51-55, M
16 Responses Dec 11, 2012

for Sungirl3 - I'm happy to hear that. Thanks for the bump and taking time to say so.

for EVE ... Wow - I don' know any more. Good question.

Than ks for the read and comment darlin ... Happy Solstice - good day to see you.

Happy Solstice and We're Still Here Day, Hlpflwthat.

She is coldest of the cold, but would she also qualify as a "hot mess?" (I just got introduced to this term by a young person; I so wanted to use it.)


for at ... glad you thought so and good to see you. Thanks for the comment and bump.

for mermaid ... happy you enjoyed! Nice of you to come by, and thanks.

'twas a pleasure . . . thank YOU . . . 8D

for wib ... I';m really behind here with my appreciation! Thanks darlin! =)

for Sylphy ... judgin by your temps, I'm not sure we live in the same area. But we can still be neighbors(neighbours?) Thanks for stopping by .

I was kidding we live in the same area. I doubt you live in an igloo or quinzie. ;P

We do? I actually live in a ranch style house - just like people in non-arctic climes.

The rural area here is like that, ranch style. Makes no difference when it's buried in snow!

for geetar ... thanks as always, for the time and the bump. Peace.

That was really good :)


what a wonderfully enjoyable read . . . thank you . . . 8D


Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with snow ... it's beautiful to look at, but I hate being out in it unless it's purely for recreation. Luckily in my part of the world we don't get too much of it.

Keep rubbing it in, Blissy... waaahh...

but we get plenty of rain!!!

Lol!!! Forgot about that. ;P
How cold is your rain though?

cold enough to be sleet from time to time ... brrrr!

Ahhh... faerie gets -30 to -40. My hair turns into sleet!

oh yuck! far too cold for me **shivers**

Too cold for me, too!!! waaahh...

=) you two are whiners?

*throws snowball at ya*

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I just took pictures now... and whoa! Didn't know you live in my area! ;P


for Butterfly ... glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the comment and the bump. =)

for Hosery Rosy ... never underestimate the value of socks ... any age sock. If your lips put their seal of approval on this, I'm happy to keep shovelin whatever I shovel. Thanks for the read and comment as always, Lilt. =)

for glg ... I thought longest whether 'piles of hate' was fair.

And then I remembered I'm dealin with somethin pretty inanimate. Thanks for your words lil buddy.

I love this poem, hillbilly.
Sorry you have to dig through the drawer to find the itchy, wool socks :-(