Kissing Is An Art

There's something about the thought of kissing that causes my heart to quake, provokes my core to ache, makes my skin flush, and my mind hush - Silence; because in that moment I get lost in translation of the lush pecks and delectable taste.

I'm carried away to a setting that I pray I can stay; soul-capturing, earth-rattling, spine-tingling kisses that keep my eyes shut, and lips in synch with mi amante, desperately clutching onto that feeling of warmth that flows over me and leaves my limbs buzzing with excitement.

As his fingers trail the soft flesh of my arms, gripping tightly so that I won't disappear, my tongue caresses and teases his in such a way that both our heads go misty with pleasure.

Our lips don't part, they stay connected, sewn at the edges so that we're in an eternal embrace of passion, taunting and inflicting sinful bliss upon the other.

I'm lost to the titillating sensation that erupts from our very beings due to the two pairs of succulent lips that are forever attached.

emotionbandit95 emotionbandit95
22-25, F
Dec 11, 2012