Not Afraid.

Do not be afraid of life,the pain,the peril and the strife.Do not shrink with fear and dread from the things that lie ahead.
Do not be afraid to try-for no goal can be too high.You may fail but don't complain,you can always try again.
Do not be afraid to speak,to adventure and to seek.Do not be afraid to live,fortune has such rich gifts to give-to the one who does not shirk,knowing how to wait and work.Do not be afraid to be-the master of your own destiny.
garvan garvan
51-55, M
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Very nicely written. And true.

Thank you for your lovely and inspiring poem garvan :) I love such a positive and forward thinking outlook on life. Try and try again .. the only way to get ahead! To see the beauty of each day, to look at it with thanks and prayers. Thanks for bringing the sunshine into this my rainy day! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Smiles and hugggggs ! xox

I am Cousin Dear,just about to join the family to watch something very funny together,will be in touch soon sweet pea.Tally Ho !

Wonderful sweet :) I hope you all get some great laughs ! I look forward to your next letter love :) Tally Ho!

this was great and has a good moral attached to it, thanks!

Thanks :-)

This is the way to live indeed!

Appreciated. :-)

I like the adventure part. When we live like that, it makes everything and anything seem possible!

Very perspective,thank's. :-)

Awesome, fear is the enemy! Love u bro

Cheers mate.

Great writing..., we should not be afraid to live our life...,

Absolutely agreed ! :-)