For The Person I Love

This is a poem i try to write for the person i love not sure finished yet and try to write in english so we see what it like. I hope the person i love read it like it too.

It is called The Distance and it has 2 verses.

You are the day and i am night
Where we meet is twilight
Where we live is worlds apart
Where we touch is in the heart

I am night and you are day
Where we meet we cannot say
Where we live is skies above
Where we touch is in our love
yulico yulico
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4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

This is really beautiful!!

thank you i tell you in message about the girl i love xx

It's beautiful!!

thank you so glad you like is from my heart!

Bravo Bravo,wonderful.

sorry what is bravo?

I love it (: hope you find that special someone

thank you I have already met her. I wrote the poem for her back in September. but met only on ep so is sad and is why poem is Distance!