In The Moonlight

In the moonlight
the earth is silver snow
and the snowflakes flash like diamonds
The pine trees watch
like spirits of the dead
between earth and sky

I watch you in the snow
in the moonlight
as you bring the logs

In the dacha
by the light of fire
you are the snow queen
you flash like a diamond
I watch you put the logs
by the fire
watch the flames
reflect in your eyes
your hair
I kiss your cold lips
and feel the warmth of your heart

I feel you warming
in my arms
I bring you coffee
and we sit and drink
in the warmth

I drink in your warmth
and your eyes flash like sapphires
my heart melts in your hand.

(I write this poem in October)
yulico yulico
70+, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Really beautiful.. You have such a talent for poetry!

thank you you are kind xxx

I enjoyed this.

thank you!