In The Morning

I wake before you
and am glad the sun
has not reached your side of the bed.
I can sit and watch you sleep
I wrap in blanket
and share your peacefulness.
You curled like a cat
and purring gently.
Your hair spread over the pillow
like an autumn carpet.
I can see into your shut eyes
to the love that's there
that keeps you warm
that keeps you safe.
I can feel your heat
and remember
your hotness in the night.
I remember the taste and the smell of you.
I remember your breathing louder than now
and i want to wake you.
But then i would lose this magic
this watching
this loving you
when i dont know where you are
in your dream.
And can only hope
that the one you are with is me.

(I wrote this in October after I write In the Moonlight.)
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70+, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I understand how you feel...That was so pretty...

thank you Boo xxx