No Father Figure

No daddy around caused a lot of self friction,
Momma was there but I needed a man to listen,
Not nearly forgot, but from my heart he was forgiven,
But to understand a coward had put me in this position,
The pain became instant, love comes in a pattern of wishes,
False hope is black ice, tough to avoid slipping,
Was it the goal for my heart to be punctured or ruptured,
I realize that's how life is structured for the realest people to suffer,
I couldn't blame you for not loving my mother,
It just made more room for a real man to love her,
You've missed all of my life I guess to you I was fiction,
But because of you, for my kids, I will never be missing.
AGfolife AGfolife
26-30, M
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

I think we learn from our parents to parent or how Not to parent!
When we learn to be available and present for our own children,we break that cycle of abandonment, and create a better world and life for your children and grandchildren, I am so proud of you to be wise enough to let the cycle of abuse and neglect stop with you!

How brave of you to break the cycle; I'm sure you will love your children with all of your being, and be the father figure you never had. Personally, I had a father whom was physically present but figuratively absent. I've no respect for him as he's never tried to resolve conflicts in the family, rather he'd turn a blind eye and pretend all was perfect. Every time I believed we were bonding, there was an ulterior motive which conspired against me. However, I'm certainly going off on a tangent here - thanks for sharing your poem and for being the father your children deserve. You rock!

Thank you... I've never met or even seen my father so to me my children make up for all the time he has missed... I think a child's father plays a pivotal role in their development and I take pride in being a good father. Thanks for reading!