The Hero And Enemy Within

They stand on parallel oppositions

They cross another's gaze from the platform below

The mosaic design of dragons and warriors

Angels and demons, spirits and ghouls collide

In smite of their dance of swords and claws


Clashes of metallic versus physicality spring forth

In glorious wonder and ecstasy

Protagonist and Antagonist dual in pure broil of animosity

And dire breathe to win and prevail


The hero swings forward, crossing the divide

The villain sweeps below and counters in uppercut monstrosity

The hero's eyes glint brightly to reveal

A swift retaliation of downward fatality


The villain spirals to deter then slide smoothly gashes blood successfully

The hero scores a mark of infliction in recollection of technique

The villain and hero dance once more with weaponry

Pivots of angels and demons, celestial and corrupt


Sparks of orange and blue, black and red ignite and flare

In ominous luminosity and eclipse of Taoistic cosmos

Both clash once more to separate by brute force of impact

Villain scoffs and jettisons forward, techniques of the dark

Cut away at Hero's flesh and bones


Hero grimaces to safeguard, spells of the light,

Obliterate the darkness and meld to heal wounds

Villain smirks in victorious smug

Casting oblivion of destruction to descend upon the weak

Hero cries out to unleash a celestial ray of divinity

To repel and relinquish the calamity


Villain is baffled but not outwitted

Shadows of piercing deceit lacerate Hero from all angles

Hero recoils in pain but not defeated, spheres of brilliant light

Descend at mach speed to implode upon Villain's entirety from above


They stare and glare another down, eye to eye, weapon to weapon

Bloodied bruised to the core root of their existence

They measure their distance once again to match

Another's calibrated condition to sever the bond of battle


Hero and Villain continue their coupe de grace

For the finale as they gait and pelt, scream and roar

Glare and snort, breathe and bleed

Right or wrong isn't chosen but victory to succeed or fail

Combatants charge with titles of humanity on the line

Of their dogma of good versus evil


Hero slashes with bravery and courage, flashes of fire blaze

Villain lunges with cruelty and rage, shadows of ice pixel too

They unleash a roar of converged conception of truth and lie

To unveil the cataclysm of the end

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Lushiro Lushiro 18-21, M 6 Responses Dec 14, 2012

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Pookemooon! Poke-mon!


I can hear the Pokemon theme throughout this

Omg that's funny :D I imagined it to be like Mortal Kombat or something, though...this leaves for many interpretations o.O

a roar of converged conception of truth and lie to unveil the cataclysm of the end
very nice ending to a great work I am a fan of all you do

Thank you Calvin! :) You should check my featured. ^^

I liked the song at the end and the poem was great!

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Well done. Another piece beautifully expressed. The music was a nice touch.

It bolstered my motivation to write it and even improve it a bit. Thank you ^_^

As Huntress, I love this one very much. Warriors of good and bad will admire this too. Those that value words. Thank you for this. Your imagery explodes in my mind. Eloquent and exquisite as per your usual. Love you, Lushiro. xoxo

Yes exactly :D Haha I hope they do! Thanks again. :)

Great story. I could almost imagine this as internal amongst a conflicted soul. maybe its a battle amongst all souls.

I believe that's to be the case. But this one be more...fatalistically apocalyptic of the future. Yay I'm glad I could coax your imagination, thanks again! :)