Sacrifice Of Humanity

In order to relinquish the souls of humanity and mankind

The souls of the sinned and the damned

Time is running out for the end is near all cataclysm

And despair upon this world to awaken


All will perish who are not rescued from dire straits

And chaos among their brethren

The art of Taoism must be initiated


The harmony of light and darkness

To converge and purify darkness

Taints the lands we speak and breathe


Walk and experience, the sins are red and black

The light is wavering but few in number pace

In the universal cosmos to enlighten are white and gold


All must be saved and awakened before the entire

Damnation of oblivion to cave them

One must initiate the stance of cross and prayer


One must harmonize their soul of enlightened

Love and purity and tranquility

One must activate the Yin and Yang


Of light and darkness, to pendulum of converge

One must intake the darkness of black and red

Upon the accursed souls of the sinned


Black and red expel from their souls detached

And insert into the soul of the host and sacrifice

Pain and anguish of all seven sins


Envy, greed, lust, adultery, gluttony, pride and wrath, contract

The amalgam of agony and dread consume

The host of the sacrifice and override the soul


One must survive the testament to crucify the soul

Through purification and eventuality

One must harness the energies of light

And darkness into equality and freedom


The sacrifice is nearly complete

For the souls are freed of pain and sin, now the host stands

Emanating wavering spectacles of luminosity and shadows

Sparkle and fade simultaneously


The host is infused with all sins and purity in duality

Angelic reconcile and demonic wrath

Steadily walking forth in grave smile

Of salvation for humanity is cleansed


However life is imminent

Staring into the sky of red and black, time is concluded

As the host begins to surround in spirituous colors of red

Black, gold, white, gray, purple, orange, blue, green, silver


All others in a astronomical rainbow

Halo resurrects among the forehead


Wings of angels and demons protrude

Seals of ancient old and forgiven smite the sacrifice

To heavenly divine of oblivion and evanescence

Lushiro Lushiro 18-21, M 14 Responses Dec 14, 2012

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Beautiful spectrum of divinity and faith. A true joy.


I like how choice is revealed to be independent of religion and completely dependent on the good and evil of it.


Have you ever tried to get any of your work published?

I don't know where to start.

I don't know if they still do, but they used to have poetry contests in the backs of know, with the advertisements and whatnot. You could also search online...If you google 'how to get poems published' you could find some ideas too. Also, if you know of an english teacher from your high school or a college, you could ask them. Most of the time, english professors know of various ways to get published, whether you're wanting to get your poems out there, short stories, or a novel. None of them would mind you contacting them, even if you aren't a student! ^_^

I've tried doing that and it's a very complicated process evidently...but I like the english references. I'll see what else I can do. :) Thanks for the tips! :D

No problemo! Good luck!

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Very visual in my head.

Can you hold this moment by yourself if it comes too this

Very nice

Thank you! :D

It was so poetic.. u have plans to write professionally? :)

Someday! :)

^__^ Y

wow ..... Yet never seize to amaze me you are very talented and wise. Very, very beautiful. A poet at heart.

Thank you Jay :) I appreciate the warm compliment! :D

awesome fireworks!


"Emanating wavering spectacles of luminosity and shadows sparkle and fade simultaneously."

I really loved that line. It conjured a remarkable image in my mind when I read it....

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Wow....this is talent.


That was like... Perfect!


Wow. Exquisite. Love this one. Your imagery is superb. Your mastery of words, brilliant. Lushiro, You must write a book of poetry. Please. I would buy it. Many would. Thank you for this. Inspirational. Motivational. Sensational. I love you, Lushiro. Thank you for your words. kissesssssssssssssssssssssss.........xoox

LOL I will someday XD

I love this. This year I've felt very much torn between light and dark forces at times and you know this is something im really interested in atm. Needing to work outside my usual zones. I really enjoyed your slant on it my friend. Great writing =)

I was supernaturally compelled to write this piece, it just slapped my imagination to put it into poetry! o.O Thanks for reading Baddy, now look at the one called The Hero and Villain Within, you'll like that one too. :)