I'm Dead...

I'm dead-
Lost alone in a sea of confusion, lusting for old forgotten memories Needing what was old to come again anew...but it is in resting hiding from us in a deep dark sleep,of deleted promises and dreams....to find these dream you must go forth to a dark land of hell to reclaim these old memories and forgotten friends....are you willing to help?

This is my first poem I hope it's good
Darkon1side Darkon1side
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Its beautiful!

This poem was an accident caused by me being incredible sad and I was going total ADD I couldn't focused on the writing itself it is not deep at all

It might not have a rythen or ryme but it has a story an a feeling. Even if u were goin ADD ( wich i do all the time) u have a natural talent and whatever your feeling is it comes out no matter what you are doing! The simplness of this poem is simple but actually very deep.:))

It's to plain

Hahahha! Its not plain! It might be to u but there is a message in it!

Well the message is someone took my phone and deleted **** :3

Hahhahahahahahhahaha!!!! Maybe to u but not to me! Hold on to that one!:)) its a reallllyyy good one!

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oh that's really good

Lol I think it **** XD

Well it isnt! Its incredible!!