She Lies Easy

She lies easy in my arms

This dimly moonlit night

Her body supple to my charms

She moans with such delight

I brush her hair back, find her neck

And kiss her softly there

My lips they trace her gentle curves

They make her arch and swear

While fingers brush and pinch and glide

Her body starts to quiver

My hand then slowly starts to slide

Towards wetness she’ll deliver

And in that quiet darkness

As she gives herself to me

I’ll love her like no other

My summer moonlit queen
habeant habeant
56-60, M
7 Responses Dec 14, 2012

the moon light queen who makes me see stars ?

Yes, there is nothing so sensuous as lying beside a beautiful woman, skin to skin and hearts beating faster, as we twist beneath a starry canopy and lover's moon.


This was excellent. Nice work.

Thanks so much!

What a mesmerizing poem my Friend. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Thanks, Kassie! That's high praise when coming from someone so talented as yourself.

How beautiful. I came to read your blog and landed are one great man.


Thank you! Those moments in the quiet darkness are so sweet.

That's beautiful

Thanks! I really appreciate that!


Thanks! I'll get the ice. ;)