Life Of Nothing Without Christ

Eve's eyes was pleased more than faith within its heart.
She chose creation more than God who created haves set apart.
Love ruins for God but not by his Image of sin.

Imagine your life was carried by Men made tradition.
Leading you to believe seeing was blinded provision.
Knowing his heart meaning for meat pumping flesh of hidden guilt.
Covering his soul by a shadow of comfort with pride and desiring quilts.
That haves no meaning.
The air we recycle is too short to live without patience.
Learning Death is the end of your story,
But only inters a secret everlasting tormenting Destination.
The Story of Jesus Christ knows before you were written.
Through the eyes of mind said God doesn't love you.
From the Heart believes Jesus haves much greater love for you.
but never experience it without the key of Faith to unlock the walls of fear.
His loving patience can only wait for your love to be proven to hear.
To rise up on Earth.
For the power of forgiveness.
To give up your life to Jesus to become God's new birth.

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Dec 16, 2012