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Roses Are Dull, Violates Are Dying. You Say We Dont Care, But Yet I Am Crying

Roses are dull
violates are dying,
you say we dont care
but yet i am crying.
Another day
just fades away,
im left behind
we want you to stay.
In my eyes
im holding back tears,
scared and in pain
from all the past years.
We all care alot
we dont want you to go,
i try and stop you
but you keep saying no.
I hope you realise
any day of your life,
i was not happy
but hurt and in strife.
The guilt and the fear
that is roaming inside,
passes like electric
hiding my pride.
You blame it on others
but you are not right,
you threatened to kill yourself
and gave others a fright.
Roses are dull
violates are dying,
right now we care
right now im crying
greywolfpaws13 greywolfpaws13 13-15, F 10 Responses Dec 16, 2012

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Bloody hell your good :)

I felt like I was reading a diary travelling through time from the past until now. It was poignant and striking~ Thank you =')

u have talent this poem is beautiful

i love this poem x

thank you :)

welcome x :)


I love your peom

thanks :)

i think its the bestest one i have written so far :D

That's beautiful

That is awesome!!!

I love UR poem. u have awesome talent!