Poem On Love And How It Avoids

I look out at the world today, a sadness fill my frame
My heart reaches to those in need, my eye show my pain.
I find you standing, staring out
At the world around.
And you cry with me and look
The tortured make no sound.
Often I have thought
My life was not worth time.
And I ignored those who cared
Who loved my little rhyme.
And I wrote sad poems for you,
You were my heart and soul.
But you read them and nodded.
They were for you, you know.
I love everyone I meet,
Though some don’t love me back.
I feel for all I see.
I am blind to love’s attack.
I want to walk free and feel,
Love coming around again.
I want to hear someone say,
That they will be my friend.
And I love you so much I fear,
You wipe from my eye a tear.
You can’t love me now you say.
But if not now, then when, I pray?
I wish for love to come to me.
A bird in mind, I set love free.
I wish for kisses bent on flight,
From deepest heart and darkest night.
Swanfirefly Swanfirefly
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

That's beautiful