The Gates Of Heaven And Hell


I stand upon the epicenter of the world

I am at ultimate peace and harmony with myself

I stand where my body and spirit


Are at one with the universe and the cosmos

I gaze upwards to see a celestial

Divine of ambiance within the clouds

The clouds unveil a gateway of euphoria

And aurora of light

Of immensity and shimmering glow


I feel the beacon of love, peace, acceptance, ecstasy

Radiance of warmth

And absolute bliss shine down upon me


The sky becomes enveloped in an astronomical converge

Of white, yellow, orange, and silver

My feet lift from the shackles of the earth

My entirety, my soul, my heart all in one spectacle


The overwhelming guidance from above calls upon me

To reach out and embrace the uprising

Wings of angelic spirituality protrude

From my back and grant my buoyancy and levitation


The aura of absolute bliss and euphoria

Guide me further towards the pearly gates of heaven

Tears flow from the emotion of returning home


A place to be, the sanctuary of freedom for all

From the distance within the atmosphere of white and gold

My eyes set upon a figure


The figure wears a white robe, a red sash, a golden crown

Brilliant complexion of the sun, the aura of divine light

Shimmers in emanation of unconditional love and ultimate peace


I extend my hand

The being extends one too

We try to reach and are close

Albeit the wicked forces from


The earth roar in protest

I dare not to glance back

As a rush of pressure of decimation


And ensnarement collide behind me

I feel the gravitational pull


Constricts my limbs and my soul within

I cry and scream as I reach out further

Towards the being of light


My eyes betray me as I direct my gaze away

From the being to see the treacherous demon of shadows

And baleful red deceit and lie

The fiery flames of hell unleash in full pivot against me


The incineration of absolute pain

And anguish overcome me

The eventuality seems hopeless


Until the beacon of light returns

Upon me and wash away the flames

The being of light grabs my hand unbeknown to me

During my dire distraction

And I return my gaze to see the holy awe


The demonic roar shrieks in ravish and utter dismay

To lash away with shadows of darkness

The being of light fears them not, and waves a hand forth


To cast the demon back

Into the abyssal hell to close and fissure in reconcile

The flames implode against the earth in an eruption


I am completely enveloped

In the aura of completion

The peace and relief calms my soul as I awaken


From my slumber to realize

It was a surrealistic dream of reality

Song Of Inspiration:
Lushiro Lushiro
22-25, M
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Amazing.. u have a deep spiritual mind.. i loved it!


Your writing is so inspirational...heavy duty and it came from a soul very much your elder....also, I see how the music takes you there, as well...very interesting that you use music to guide you, in the direction that you want, so as to, not lose your path, in your writings...excellent!...You are very accomplished in your craft, and I have nothing but admiration and respect for you, as a person, and as an "artist"....((hugs))...jb...btw, the "art-work" on the song [picture], puts me in mind of the old "Yes" albums, kinda....great stuff...!!!

Aww thank you Jack that means a lot :) (hugs) Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah man,..I really do, and as a guitarist [that writes instrumentals]...I can appreciate the depth of time and character it took to complete this "project'...Well done, dude!....

Really? That's awesome :D

And thank you once again! :)

Welcome...: )

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a lovely poem my friend, enjoyed reading it with tears in my eyes


Not to shabby. See how we create our own mythology as we move through life? Now keep that in mind when you read about other myths. They were dreams not to different from your own that tell of a world that lived beneath a different sky. A world that is the foundation of who we are today. Read through the words and let your empathy guide you into the minds of the writers of those myths. Do not follow in the footsteps of the wise, seek what they sought. Your empathy can be used to even reverse television ads the same way and follow the flow upstream to there source to view the minds of those projecting them or allow you to see through a buildings architecture and into the soul of the architect. There is a hidden world behind the veil of Isis, you have the keys to the Ferrari kiddo, learn how to drive it.

I will keep this in mind. :)

Loved it ... Lush in Dante's Inferno ... thank you for sharing

Always welcome Hatter! I have many more of these :) Feel free to browse. :)

I lack the ability to paint with words the truth and beauty which you so elegantly lay out before us as a canvas of thought, word, and reflection. Nevertheless I am touched and greatly moved by your prose, and I am better for having read it and from having created in my mind and then marveled at the image which your thoughts invoke within me. Thank you.

Wow...thank you...I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. :)

I believe it's called prose but beautiful none the less. A rose by any other name would still smell just as sweet.

Ah...I see. Thank you :)

You inspire me to live life every time I just read one of your poems...even the depressing ones...I look up to you even thou I don't know you...I feel so great after reading just a paragraph...I think you are inspirational and perfect with you writing

Wow...thank you o.o

This story was just beautiful and made me so grateful for the inner garden that could be retreated into anywhere, as you were dragged around the cosmos outside your control.


That was so awesome. Well written. Thoroughly enjoyed.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D Thank you. :)

wow im speechless ..... Its very beautiful you are so talented

Wow thank you. :)

you strike a chord my friend i have felt this struggle far too long.

Of course we are always in between but ultimately we can choose where we want to go. The light of deliverance or the fire of anguish.

yeah.. the beauty of free will

Exactly :) But the key thing is: Faith.

I'm with you.

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Beautiful imagery. I could almost see the figures floating toward each other in the sky.

Wow great imagination! :) Thank you!

Interesting. A bit too binary for my taste. Luckily my language skills are so poor my opinion doesn't count. Nice imagery, but the choice of the main character is painfully absent. Almost a ball just getting in the middle of tug of war not able to influence much. Let me suffer the the inevitable boos I've earned now. Thank you for sharing a nice poem and I know you'll forgive my lack of insight into it.

Lol it's fine. :) The main character is always an enigma, it could be myself in an astral imagery, yourself or anyone of your choice. I usually word my poems in such an enigmatic way that it enforces you to visualize what you desire, or give you options to your availability. :P

Loved this. Now I have to go look and find some stuff for you to read!

Thank you! ^_^ Wrote it from inspiration of the "moment" and the heart as always. :P I'm already looking up a bunch of stuff ...on more Christianity and bible verses. :)




Lmao *expected this reaction from you* :P


It's okay, don't apologize :) Its a good blew your mind away I think o.O

I think "wow" was appropriate.



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