I Want To Say What's On My Heart.

I want to say what's on my heart. From every hole,to every scar. The hole you left me,leaving and going,you never did return,for when you did you were different.. You were.. lost in a way. You hated me because I chose him. You tried to hurt him until the end. I never said your name,only cursed the dread I felt inside. I don't regret leaving you,for it was better for me. You took my heart and split it open,without a care in the world. He took my heart and mended it,and set it free. You chained my heart up,and made it bleed and cry with sorrow. He made my heart soar,he made it new again. He did what you could never do,he loved me trough and trough. You pushed me in the darkness,only to cry alone. He let me out into light,and comforted me when I cried. You hitted on other girls. While he stayed loyal to me. You never kissed me,not once. He did in my dreams. You care not for what I feel. He cares more than the world. You never talked,not a word. He went on and on,he talked and talked pausing to see if he was boring me. You were never there,not a day,not a year. You left me in the shadows,to rot alone in the darkness forever. He is my light,he set me free. He lives within my heart. Since you've been gone,I've learned to love. I've learned to love him. As I said before,you were never there. But he is he's Always there. He's the one I chose. He's the one I love. Not you.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
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You're lucky you have found the right guy. I have my heart set on one, but he seems to be oblivious to everything and he is my best friend..

Yes,I am. But I'm afraid this is no happily ever after with him.... He's so far away and the thought of him cheating on me has crossed my mind more than once... I know he wouldn't cheat,but I'm only 97% sure.... Go for it! If he's the one you have to seize him! If you let him go he'll find somebody else and your heart will be broken. See if he makes a move,or gives you hints. Tell him how you really feel and ask him if he feels the same about you. Don't let him go! Great guys are very hard to find.

Wow that was deep and that just made me think about all the pain my ex has cost me. I been hurt twice this year

It's the truth. I know. It's so hard to find the perfect guy for you. Lucky I finally found him.

That is amazing poem! I am glad you got rid of that horrible man who treated you so badly. You deserve the man of your dreams ^^

Thank you. Yep. I've found him,Drake.

If he tries to hurt you again, send him here and I'll make sure he NEVER hurts anyone again.

My mate beated him up. And I can take care of myself,Alone.

Well, I got your back if you ever need it.

Thank you.

No problem :)

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awee Goldpaw... thats was beautiful.. if he hurts you one more time ill rip him to shreads!

Thank you. But Drake beated him up,Bad.

awesome Drake! ;D

my little brother is right you dont deserve this

Yeah Kizaki :D

Thanks guys.

if he shows his tail around here ill bite it off >;|

Guys. I don't even believe he's a real wolf. And I can kick his *** as much as you two can.

go Goldpaw!! woot woot!! ;D

You bet! ;D

I'm happy for you I'm go wait on him and keep moving forward stay happy much love

That's good.

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