Poetry Blues.

Poetry used to flow from my finger tips so easily. My heart would just convey itself in written form so effortlessly. Now there seems to be so much blockage. I don't know what is hindering my ability to feel this artistic side of myself, I just pray that eventually the flood gates will open again and the words will flow from me.
Jmobetta Jmobetta
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

My own writing ebbs and flows. So I keep a notebook to record the little snippets of poems and stories that pop into my head. I may not feel like writing just then, but I capture that seed of thought for later. Then when I open up that notebook later, I can page through those random bits and pieces until I find one that I feel like writing about that day. It's not important that I then finish it. It's only important that I get a little more writing done. On my best days, I finish and post things. Writing is very much a mood thing. That's why my snippets notebook is full of ideas for my writing mood days. :)

okay i will try this tonite. thanks

You're welcome.

Think about something or someone that inspires you and try to write two lines about it. I try to rhyme the lines because it's easier for me to think of other pairs of words to start rhyming. Anyway, then you can build your poem around those two lines. This worked for me, so I hope it can help you too.