Dandelions After They Have Gone To Seed.

My wish became
100 white eagles
adrift on the breeze.

Sent out
with breath
of hope

they may find
their perfect nest

where they may rest
in the soil
of my dreams

to rise
and transform

into life
from the seed.

DreamChristine DreamChristine
31-35, F
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Thanks =)

wonderful read, thank you

Thank you for reading & commenting!! ♥

Very nice. Appreciate the thought both yours and mine.

Thanks. What are your thoughts?

That we have many thoughts and dreams. If we just let them go, they may fall on good soil and grow, but there is a good chance they will not.
If we are concerned about them we need to keep them close and nurture them.

:) Exactly, as the poem intended. Thanks for sharing, and beautiful clarification. Thanks!

Your intent was clear, but I really enjoyed the way you led us to it. You have a nice gift.

Thank you! =)

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Thank you.

Nicely done!