One Night I Wrote This Instead Of Cutting. Its My New Escape<3

Put the blade down sweetheart, leave your skin alone.

Just let those tears fall, scream if you have too.

Be calm now, as you drown in your misery.

He doesn’t mean to hurt you my love.

No not at all.

Hes not the reason why you have a blade to your skin, with tears streaming down your face.

Its not him.

Its your heart.

You want to trust him.

Want to believe what he says.

But the past smiles wickedly at you.

Reminding you that you can never trust again.

You’ll always find doubt in everything he says.

You’ll push him away.

You’ll be angry for no reason.

So actually, pick up that blade.

Its the only thing right now that is truly real.
DieselsMama DieselsMama
18-21, F
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Thank you :)