Like A King

Homeless under the bridge
Where we used to meet often
Where we had our parting kiss
Where the walls eavesdropped on us
You moved on
I remain behind, unable to carry on
Condemned to relive our memories

Seems like you never really left
I sit down and update my blog
Which is a celebration of our memories
Worried the battery will run out
And I would not trade my place with any king
As I go to sleep under this bridge

Waking up to every morning
To the chatter of birds
Sharing their quarrels with me
My quarrels over the choice of words
For the garlands of memories I want to weave

As the day passes
I witness secret rendezvous of lovers
See hugs, stolen kisses, broken hearts
See lovers' quarrels
And sometimes they notice me
And wonder..
If I had ever had the luxury to experience love
Love in all its' fury and splendor

And sometimes they ask why I often smile
Which often happens
When I struggle and finally get a verse right
Or sometimes they hope to switch places with me
So they can rest their broken weary hearts

Sometimes she stops by with food
Or a washed blanket when it's cold
Hoping to see me alive and always smiling
Telling me she loved my latest writing
Finally she would leave with her lover
And before leaving, she always asks
If I still love her.

HappyFeetX HappyFeetX
46-50, M
Jan 6, 2013