Fading echoes from dreams
I wish I could scream
What once was, is no longer it seems
Opened eyes clouded by my darkness
Drowning in my emotional mess
I want to breathe
But i'm chained, unable to break free
A loner, I no longer wish to be
But who will come and save me
Slowly wasting away
I once again pray
Hoping these feelings will go away
But I fear that day
To be free
Sinful acts of the real me
Scars of the past keeps me bind
Either it all ends or love I find
Blank eyes, no smile, thoughts of ecstasy
Warm eyes and smile, thoughts of what it could be
C'est la vie, just live they cry
Afraid to live and not to die
Is this realty, Am I even alive?
datdudeblack datdudeblack
26-30, M
Jan 6, 2013