Stuff Bunny

thesse memories are bad their all i have and i,am stuff bunny thats all and my father i think molsted me i think i was seven our three stuff bunny hope you belive me i,am telling the truth i think
i blink my mother dose not know i have not told her though molseted and brusied my memory gone to and i sreaming at their air my dad was their my bunny my stuff toy you bring me joy and my dad
hurts me i say i did not speak all i did was weep and stuuf bunny you stare only you know who was their and iam twenty five all i can do is hide. and cry my memories are dark and i,am haveing
voices in my head and they remined me of the past my innocent can,t last my bunny you all i have
and i can,t stand the pain and he is to blame speak is what i have to do he ruined my child hood
how about you my memorioes are dark and i can,t say what he realy did that day. stuff bunny you
have to tell what happened my father their i can,t speak my memoroies are weak and you say
i have to tell sream yell. bunny i only have you as my broken childhood.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013