Lots Of Questions...

Where are you right now?
What are your thoughts?
Do they ever slide over
the memories of me?

Am I gone from your head?
Slowly fading away,
Until maybe the next time,
whenever the day?

Were you humoring me?
Did you have any clue
Of just how intensely
I always think of you?

Are you hoping eventually
that I'll go away?
Are you looking with eagerness,
Towards that day?

Or is there any place in your thoughts for me?
At the very least, is it a friend you see?
You keep offering your help, so giving of your time...
Do you have any clue that I think you're sublime?

I know you can't love me,
at least not in that way,
I've accepted that (I think),
And for your happiness I pray.

But I hope against hope
That you'll still be my friend.
So that we won't have to part,
And I won't dread the end.

See, I'm afraid that if we part,
That when you go, you'll take my heart.
My soul will forever be ripped in two,
When I can no longer get to talk to you...

My life is filled with strife and stress,
With bitterness and pain.
The rare times I can talk to you
do my hope sustain.

Without you in my life at all,
my joy will slowly dim.
And people will say thus of my fate,
"She died for love of him."

lonelyheart807 lonelyheart807
46-50, F
Jan 6, 2013