Sat On The Beach At Th First Break Of Day.

Would you settle beside me and take up my hand
Hold it so gently and rest on the sand
Rest and just bathe in this glorious sight
Take in the sounds left by the night

The waves gently rolling softly to shore
The birds on the wing in mornings first soar

Enjoy in the warmth of the sun on our backs
Muse at the prints, animal tracks
Stroll through the surf toward dunes, perhaps cliffs
Occasionally bending, take simple gifts
Polished gems so smooth, glistening wet

Time has moved on and the morning has passed
The memories linger with hope they will last.

Given to a special friend xx
beachwalker2 beachwalker2
41-45, M
2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

walk barefoot together, across the white sand dune,
we often stay till dark, to share the stars and the moon.
keeping the moment special, you and I to share
cherish the emotions we have, so deep, so rare.

and she would be absolutely thrilled. bet she keeps it for herself, cherished.