The blade comes closer
But I push it away.

I'm strong enough to say no,
because I'm ok today.

You look at my face,
you think what to do,
don't try to defend yourself,
because this is just you.
You pick at my flaws
you taunt and you tease,
you won't leave me alone,
I need a release.
Because you say it is weak.
I no longer cry,
I pretend I'm ok,
my smile is a lie.
You pick and you pick
push me to my end.
And then you stop,
because now its time to pretend.
To pretend your my friend,
and you care about me.
And you try to feed me your lies,
because im to dumb to see.

The blade comes closer,

I take it in my hand.

I won't try to explain,

you'll never understand.

woah666 woah666
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

reminds me of my friends...but i still wouldn't take the blade.
poem's awesome though :D