Menaun Ailon

I would be wounded
left to the ones used to it
still in part, bound down through this
lack of conditioning

in a manner that I am listening
to the words you use
choosing to condition me
and through that I find myself listening
as though I would be wounded

but I am not wounded
and I am not conditioned
to nothing more than your decision
to what you have set before me
this sad rendition
of you attempting to mark
a motivational motor stalled and paled in contrast
this effort you've made so stark
and called to end me for what I am

You'll see only these lies
told to you, through these eyes
and you'll think nothing more
before my eyes to find
something harder to bind

that which you attempt to bind
to condition and align
your thoughts to find
me inside my mind
telling you that I will not be confined

this grievance we would contend
is where these roots began to end
Nearth179 Nearth179
Jan 7, 2013