The Girl With Depression (tribute To My Sister Amy)

She sat alone in this crowded world,
A heart filled with pain,
From so young to her age,
Each day she played the game,
She dressed up using a mask,
A smile,
Behind the mask was the true her,
A girl in pain,
Pushed aside,
Left to feel the misery of this place,
Child of broke hope,
Daughter of shatterd dreams,
Child of night,
Daughter of light,
Upon her arms laid any scars,
Each one bled like her tears,
Her sky has no moon, no stars, no sun,
Just rain,
Rain that falls with her tears,
Still she smiles,
She stands in the darkness,
Her eyes filled with pain,
Such beauty,
Such grace,
But a broken soul,
Her heart caged in vines,
Her scars pumping acid,
Many suffer pain,
This is her pain,
Each time she meets her stained blade,
The crimson flows out,
Does a family not meant to love her?
Not this one,
Blood is thicker than water,
But blood dries up faster,
Another broken soul,
Another shattered girl,
The morbid thing called depression,
It is like a tainted poison,
It runs in her veins,
Flows onto her skin,
One day it will fade,
And the true her will rise again.
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18-21, F
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

thanks Sister, you truly know how I feel don't you. I love ya! :)

Aye, :D love ya too!