A Little Love Story~ How It Began

The world was pale as the young boy sang,
He frowned at the sky,
There was no son,
No moon,
No stars,
He looked up past the pale sky,
Somewhere there was hope,
A young girl laid in tears,
Pain spreading across her body,
Holding to her heart she looked through over the window,
The sky was empty but she felt,
She felt her tears fall,
There had to be hope,
Many years later the boy now a man,
He looked into the sky,
No hope,
Just darkness,
The girl now a woman,
Still in pain,
Still broken,
They looked at the same place in the sky,
He felt the urge to run,
She felt the urge to run,
They ran and ran,
A bright light spread across the sky,
There can a moon,
Came a sun,
A ocean of stars,
They met together,
Under the stars where they has looked,
Within each other they found something,
It gave them hope,
Gave the light,
Gave them life,
It was love.
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

awwhhh beautiful and well written ^ ^

That was so beautiful :')