My Twin And Me

Its more of a Song really..
Both: We are The same
Me: You and I
MiMi:Are more alike
Me: But we Are
MiMi: More Diffrent then We are The saame!
Me: You Fell in Love With Him
Mimi:You Fell In Love with him too
Me: Now We Fight one another
Mimi: To Claim who
Both: Gets Controll!
Mimi:Gets controll
Me: Gets controll
Me: I Know, Hell pick me.
Mimi: No way. Hes ALL FOR ME!
Both: We Both fell in love With the Same One
Both: Now we Fight for who He gets!
Me: We are Alike
Mimi: We Look
Me: We Think
Mimi: We Act
Me: We Talk
Both: The Saaaame Way!
Me: Who Knew We would be the Perfect Match?
Mimi: Who knew we would be so much more then sisters?
Kiro: Hey- Dont i get a say in this?
Both: NO!
Mimi: He loves Me
Me: No me!
Both: ME!
Me: Lets see who he wants
Mimi: Try me and youll see
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

........ I don't think anyone is every truly the same,
There are nuances like a unique fingerprint,
That would determine your happiness by choosing the right person!